Late Morning Yoga Classes in Great Kills

For those who like to sleep late and then go to a great Yoga class in Staten Island, The Compassion Center now offers late morning Yoga Classes. We are a brand new healing center located in Great Kills, Staten Island called The Compassion Center and we are extremely fortunate to have one of Staten Island’s best known and moved loved Yoga teachers leading our morning classes, Clarissa Alliano.

Isabelle Dubeau

Welcome Our Newest Yoga Teacher, Isabelle Dubeau

The Compassion Center is extremely happy to announce the addition of Isabelle Dubeau to our incredible lineup of Yoga teachers. Isabelle obtained her certification from the renowned Integral Yoga Institute in Manhattan. Isabelle teaches Hatha Yoga. It is the purest form of Yoga that is the basis for many of the Yoga classes taught by other teachers. Anyone can learn and practice this form of Yoga. It is especially suited for people who have injuries and/or physical limitations.

Gentle Relaxation Yoga Class at The Compassion Center

Yoga Classes in Great Kills, Relax and Rejuvenate

Important Note: The Compassion Center stopped offering Yoga classes in November, 2016. This page remains as an homage to the teachers that taught at TCC and the students that attended these classes. Even though The Compassion Center only opened its doors on January 1st, people have already started to experience the peaceful, restful, stress reducing…