The following is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Meditation and our Meditation classes.

Q: What types of changes will I notice after taking your meditation classes?

A: The most common experience people report is that they feel very happy, calm, peaceful, and even blissful. The long-term effects of meditation include a calm mind, a need to help others, a sharper and more focused mind, and a general feeling of happiness.

Q: How long will it take for me to notice a difference in my life after taking your meditation classes?

A: You will notice an immediate change after just your first class. However, it may be a few weeks before you start to realize the full benefits of meditation.

Q: I am interested in Buddhism. Does The Compassion Center offer classes on Buddhism?

A: We will offer lectures on Buddhism, however, Buddhism is not taught or part of our meditation classes.

Q: Is Buddhism or any religious beliefs discussed during your meditation classes?

A: On occasion, in some of our discussions, Buddhist concepts may be referenced. These are intended to allow people to understand how it is possible to look at some of the norms in the West from a different perspective. We generally do not discuss any religions, but will try our best to answer questions that people may raise (especially as it pertains to Meditation and a person’s religious beliefs).

Q: What makes The Compassion Center different from other places offering meditation classes?

A: Our meditation classes are led by one of the most impactful meditation teachers in America.

  • We are the only facility in New York City that offers meditation classes that builds upon the previous classes and are intended to help you achieve the deepest meditation state possible.
  • Unlike the meditation segments of Yoga classes which typically last 5-10 minutes, our classes are 100% devoted to meditation and last 20 minutes per session (each meditation class has 2 sessions with a lecture/discussion between each session).
  • We use the highest quality meditation cushions made anywhere and also offer very comfortable traditional chairs.
  • We offer our visitors coffee, tea and snacks before and after classes.
  • We encourage people to stay after class, meet other meditators, discuss their experiences, and become part of a bigger community.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and cash.

Q: What do your meditation classes cost?

A: Our classes are by donation with a recommended donation amount of $20. But you can pay whatever you wish and if you cannot afford to pay, you will not be turned away from any class due to lack of funds.

Q: When does The Compassion Center offer meditation classes?

A: Our meditation class schedule can be viewed here.