The Compassion Center provides Private Meditation Classes to anyone seeking a personal and private experience. Our Private Meditation Classes are taught in-person and via Zoom online classes and in person.

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Who teaches these classes?

Dan Globus leads The Compassion Center’s private Meditation classes. Dan is the Director and lead Mindfulness Meditation teacher of The Compassion Center. He is a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher with over a decade of teaching experience and a practice that started over four decades ago.

Dan’s formal training started with the training from an ordained Tibetan Buddhist Monk over a decade ago. He was trained in traditional Buddhist, Vipassana and Mindfulness Meditation techniques by his teacher. He has since studied and become certified in Mindfulness Meditation.

The sessions that Dan teaches can be to address challenges that someone (or some group) is facing or they can be general guided meditations. The majority of people that contact The Compassion Center are seeking help due to Anxiety. Dan has very effectively used Meditation to reduce and eliminate anxiety in people.

Dan Globus Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

Dan Globus
Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

In-Person Classes

If you are interested in in-person classes, Dan Globus, director and lead instructor of The Compassion Center is offering these in the following locations:

  • Catskill (Palenville), NY: This is my home studio. It offers an intimate setting where we can work together. Click here to see a picture of my home studio. Please note that all classes/sessions are non-religious.
  • Saugerties, Kingston, Hudson, Albany, and Surrounding: As I live in Palenville, I can easily visit your home or office in Saugerties, Kingston, Hudson, Albany and surrounding areas. Please click here to send me a request with details so that I can send you a quote.
  • New York City, Upstate New York, and Parts of New Jersey: I am happy to travel to NYC, locations in upstate New York, and parts of New Jersey. If you live in one of these places, or somewhere else and want private Meditation classes, please click here to send me a request with details.

What can you expect from a private Meditation class/session?

My private Meditation classes are intended for those who prefer to take Meditation classes by themselves or with friends, family, or co-workers. These classes are offered in the privacy of my studio, Mountain View Studio, or your home or office. Even though some people are comfortable meditating in a group setting, there are those who wish to meditate in private with an experienced Meditation teacher.

Private Meditation classes allow us to focus on an individual’s needs or the needs of a group that shares similar interests or possibly has similar issues. In group Meditation classes, providing a guided Meditation that will resonate with all who attend the class is not always possible. In a private class, the Meditation will be specifically for those attending.

Private Meditation classes can also be very powerful experiences that allow one or more people to begin a journey. This journey may be about addressing one or more issues that someone is facing. These classes may be intended to continue a spiritual journey or embark on a self-realization journey.

  • Our private classes typically fall into one of the following categories: Introduction to Meditation or Meditation to address one or more specific issues (e.g. stress, anxiety, depression, etc.).
  • Each class lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • These classes are guided Meditations and have components of Mindfulness, Vipassana and traditional Tibetan Buddhist Meditation techniques.
  • Each class utilizes a body scan and relaxation segment, a segment dedicated to using the breath to assist us in entering the meditative state, and a healing Meditation that is based upon each person’s individual needs, motivations, and intentions.
  • We may use a Mantra (if the person is open to this) to help quiet the mind, relax the body, and assist in entering the meditative state.
  • Each class is intended to bring the person into a very still, quiet, relaxed state where their mind becomes clear and radiant and they experience a sense of joy.

If you are dealing with anxiety, loss/grief, recovery from alcohol/drugs, have past trauma, or need guidance on a personal level, private Meditation classes can help you.

The Compassion Center

The picture above shows the meditation space in Catskill (Palenville), NY.

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