Private Meditation Classes

Private Meditation Classes

We offer Private Meditation Classes in NYC in Manhattan, Brooklyn,  Staten Island, and New Jersey in people’s homes, corporate offices, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. If you are interested in private Meditation classes/sessions, click the button below. If you require additional information, please fill out our form below  or call us directly at: (347) 770-7096.

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What can you expect from a private Meditation class?

Our private Meditation classes are intended for those who prefer classes in the privacy of their homes or offices.

  • The first class is intended to allow the person(s) to discuss with us their motivations/intentions in meditating, to discuss any issue(s) that they wish to address via Meditation, we teach proper physical posture, we teach different breathing techniques, and we walk step by step through how to meditate including the experiences that one can expect.
  • Each class lasts 60-90 minutes.
  • These classes are guided Meditations based upon Vipassana Meditation.
  • Each class utilizes a body scan and relaxation segment, a segment dedicated to using the breath to assist us in entering the meditative state, and a healing Meditation that is based upon each person’s individual needs, motivations and intentions. We like to use non-religious Mantra (if the person is open to these) to help quiet the mind, relax the body, and assist in entering the meditative state.
  • Each class is intended to bring the person into a very still, quiet, relaxed state where their mind becomes clear and radiant and they experience a sense of joy.
  • Classes are intended to be progressive (i.e. the person attending the meditation feels that their meditation practice grows stronger with each class and they are working towards whatever their intention/motivation is).
  • Our private Meditation classes are very reasonably priced.

Call: (347) 770-7096

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