The Compassion Center’s primary reason for existing is to offer Meditation classes. These classes are intended for people who are specifically interested in Meditation as well as people who are searching for alternative methods to deal with one or more issues in their lives.

Why Was The Compassion Center Created?

The Compassion Center was created out of the need to help people who have various issues in their lives by teaching them how to utilize Meditation and meditative techniques. These issues include:

  • Anxiety
  • Extreme Stress
  • Depression
  • Anger and Aggressiveness
  • Drug and Alcohol Dependence
  • Grief Due to the Loss of a Loved One
  • Problems Getting to Sleep
  • Difficulty in Focusing the Mind
  • Constant Chatter in Our Heads
  • Inability to Stay in the Moment

For some, addressing these issues through “conventional” methods has not worked (or only worked temporarily). Meditation can be successfully used to treat all of these issues and much more.

When Are Classes Offered?

We primarily offer private Meditation classes at The Compassion Center, at people’s homes, and at businesses. If you have never formally learned to meditate, we recommend that you look at our Learn to Meditate page. When we offer group classes, you can find the upcoming classes listed on our Calendar of Events.

If you are interested in ongoing Meditation classes and would like to discuss setting specific days and times for these classes to take place at The Compassion Center, at your home, or at your business, please contact us.

Where Is The Compassion Center Located?

The Compassion Center is currently located in Palenville, NY and offers classes virtually. We hope to offer classes again in-person in the very near future.

What Is The Significance Behind the Name The Compassion Center?

Dan Globus came to understand through his meditation practice that one of the keys in his personal growth was to learn to have and show great compassion. This compassion is not simply meant for others. It is also meant for the one being that many of us forget about…ourselves. For some, it is easy to ask for forgives and to give forgiveness to others. However, for some, it s very difficult to have compassion for ourselves. Dan believes that we must learn to develop great compassion for others and ourselves.