Meditation for Anxiety

Meditation for Anxiety

If you feel that your anxiety level is now at a point where you don’t know how to manage it, or the methods you have been using are not effective, you have found someone who cares about you and has helped hundreds of people effectively deal with their anxiety. My name is Dan Globus and I can help you.

Possibly you’ve considered seeing a therapist (this is a great idea). Possibly you’ve been to a medical doctor or a psychologist and they have recommended medication. Possibly you’re already taking medication and it either isn’t helping you (any longer) or you can’t stand the way the medication makes you feel. Possibly you’re consuming more alcohol than usual and/or may even be self-medicating in some other way.

There is a very natural, very easy to learn method, that I have been teaching to hundreds of people who have been suffering from anxiety and it will help you rid yourself of anxiety. It is a method that has been used by millions of people for hundreds of years. It is called Meditation.

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Before you say ‘no thanks, I’m not one of those’ or you bring to mind some preconceived notion of what you think Meditation is, allow me to set the record straight and give you some facts about what Meditation is and what it can do for you.

Many Different Types of Meditation

The average person says that they “meditate” all the time. When I ask them how they do this, they say that they either sit somewhere and just think ‘quiet thoughts’ or they play some type of music/audio and simply listen to it. People are very surprised when I tell them that what they’re doing isn’t Meditation. It is “relaxation” and possibly a way to quiet the mind a bit, but it’s not Meditation.

Then there are those who picture some person sitting cross-legged, with their hands turned up and their fingers pinched together, and they think that this person is meditating. A person doing this may in fact be meditating, but this is not the way I teach Meditation. People that learn Meditation from me can see in a traditional backed chair or if they like, I can teach them how to sit properly on a Meditation cushion.

Meditation’s primary goal is not to ‘shut down your brain and become relaxed’. Becoming relaxed is one of the elements of connecting with the meditative state, but relaxation in itself is not Meditation.

Meditation’s primary goal is to set a “Motivation”. A Motivation is the creation of a thought. The thought is a change that you wish to bring into your life. Possibly you wish to remove something from your life (such as anxiety). By getting into the meditative state, we are making a commitment to achieving that Motivation.

Meditation Effectively Removes Anxiety and Its Symptoms

I have personally taught Meditation to hundreds of people suffering from extreme anxiety and can tell you that in each and every instance, the person who learned how to meditate was able to dramatically reduce their anxiety and in most instances, completely remove all of the symptoms of anxiety. What’s the process and how long does it take to remove extreme symptoms of anxiety?  Let’s look at these together.

Step #1
The first step in helping people deal with the symptoms of anxiety is to teach them a few very simple techniques to help them for when they feel really anxious. I always ask people when they first visit me ‘how anxious do you feel at this moment on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 meaning your anxiety is about as bad as it gets’. Most people say their number is anywhere between 7-10+. I teach them some breathing and imagery techniques that bring most people anywhere from to a 2-5 within 5-10 minutes. By the time they leave my class, they report that their anxiety is completely gone, they feel extremely relaxed, feel very light, and feel very happy.

Step #2
We talk about your life. Once a person has started to relax, they are open to discussing the challenges that may be contributing to their anxiety. In almost all instances, they are facing fears regarding their future. For some, their fear is related to money and possibly their career. For some, they are facing debilitating health issues. In many instances, something has happened during the person’s childhood or young adulthood that has paved the way for their anxieties to manifest in full bloom when the person has reached different stages of their adulthood. By understanding where the person’s anxiety stems from, I can recommend meditations that will help resolve these issues.

Step #3
The Meditation method that I teach is based upon traditional Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, Vipassana and Mindfulness techniques. It is a completely non-religious, easy to learn, easy to practice technique that truly anyone can learn. It involves relaxing the body, bringing the mind into a still state, using the breath, and bringing to mind the changes that we wish to make in our lives.

How Long Does It Take to Remove the Symptoms of Anxiety?

You will learn techniques that will immediately bring relief to you when you are having severe anxiety including panic attacks. Within the first 2 weeks of practicing Meditation, you will notice that the symptoms have started to subside. You will either start to notice that you don’t feel so anxious on a regular basis or will simply find that your mind doesn’t go to your anxious symptoms as often as it used to because the symptoms are no longer there on a regular basis. And with regular practice, within 2 months (3 months maximum), your anxiety will be a thing of the past!

How Does Meditation Work?

One of the main reasons that people have anxiety is that they have stopped living in the moment and are leaving in the land of “what if”. We have trained our brains very well to constantly think about things like ‘what if I lose my job’, ‘what if I can’t pay my rent/mortgage’, ‘what if my husband/wife no longer loves me’, ‘what if the doctor tells me that I feel this way because I have a horrible illness’. These “what if” thoughts are in the forefront of our brains and we have stopped looking, listening, hearing, tasting and experiencing all the things around us. These thoughts are so consuming, they make us feel anxious.

Meditation brings you back into the here and now. It starts to slowly move the negative thoughts away from the forefront of our thoughts and moves these towards the back of our thoughts. Our brain starts to reconnect with very pleasant thoughts. We allow our brains to return to their original state…a state of calmness…a state of happiness..a state of living in the moment. It takes time, but once we start to reconnect with this very calm, quiet, relaxed state, the brain says ‘I remember that, I much prefer that than thinking these negative thoughts all the time’. We rewire the brain to start connecting with positive thoughts.

Where Do You Start?

We recommend two solutions:

  • Come to a Learn How to Meditate Class


  • Come to a Six (6) Week Transformation Series

Which one is best for you? Part of the decision must be based upon your commitment and dedication to resolve the underlying issues of your anxiety. Part of the decision must be based upon the value you place on you mental and physical welfare. In other words, are you willing to spend a reasonable sum of money to resolve your issues?

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Meditation Changes Lives

Meditation can address the following issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Loss
  • Sadness
  • Substance Abuse