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In Search of Happiness

Happiness exists within all of us. We have a simple choice presented to us each and every day. We can be happy, or we can choose not to be happy. However, some have lost the way to find their happiness. For those, I am going to tell you how to find happiness again.

Happiness in the Faces of a Child and a Dog

Wake Each Morning with a Smile

Be happy each and every day that you are able to wake up and enjoy another day of life. No matter what you must do that day, no matter what difficulties you face, smile and be happy that you are able to wake each day,

Look For Happiness in Others

Look around and notice what’s going on. Notice the proud smile on the father’s face as he walks hand and hand with his daughter. Notice the child running around who has the biggest grin on his face because he doesn’t have a worry in the world. Notice the child who loves her pet dog. She smiles and gives love to her dog while her dog smiles back and gives her owner love.

Bring Happiness to Others

Say “Good morning” with a big smile next time you get on the bus, greet your co-worker, or purchase a cup of coffee from your local Starbucks and see what happens. You have just brought happiness to someone else. What will you receive in return? You will get a big smile right back and a wonderful feeling of happiness.

The easiest way to find happiness is to bring happiness to others. Your selfless act of bringing happiness to others will bring happiness to yourself. Try it…you won’t be disappointed.

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