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Spring is 55 Days Away and We Can’t Wait!

Spring is 55 days away and many of us feel like this is an eternity. So that we can remember what Spring looks like, I want to share a photo I took at Seaside Nature Wildlife Park in Great Kills, Staten Island.

Seaside Nature Wildlife Park in Great Kills Staten Island

If you’re not familair with Seaside Nature Wildlife Park, it’s located at the end of Nelson Avenue below Hylan Blvd. The park was officially opened about eight years ago. When I first moved to Staten island, I had the pleasure of attending the opening day ceremonies.

The park has a very peaceful feel to it. However, some of the peacefulness of the park was disrupted by Superstorm Sandy.

There were two unique locations in the park that made incredible spots to do Meditation and Yoga. Both spots were very badly affected by Sandy. Still, I’m hopeful that maybe later this year, I can bring some of the wonderful people that attend Meditation and Yoga classes at The Compassion Center and we can restore these spots and make them unique places for people to use for their Meditations and Yoga practice.

The beauty that you see in the picture above can exist in everyone’s mind regardless of what surrounds them. It all starts with Meditation. Please visit The Compassion Center and learn to Meditate with the incredible soul named Puntsok.

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