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Learn How to Meditate on New Year’s Day

The Compassion Center is having its grand opening on New Year’s Day with an Intro to Meditation class. Please reserve your spot here. As the new year begins, many of us are looking to start afresh. This may mean making a commitment to exercise, eat better, stop smoking or something else. I would like to suggest something that can help you achieve whatever your goals are. Learn to Meditate!

Change Your Life NowOur Intro to Meditation Class will be led by Venerable Thupten Phuntsok. Puntsok, as he likes to be called, will teach you the basics of meditation including how to sit, how to breath, what to focus on (and not focus on). This will also be an interactive class where visitors are encouraged to ask questions about meditation.

We will be providing chairs, traditional meditation mats, and we also have two full length padded cushions for anyone who needs to lay flat and cannot use a chair or a meditation cushion. You are welcome to use any of these. The key is to get as comfortable as possible so that you can sit still and relax. And after class, help yourself to some tea, coffee, some sweats, get to know some of your fellow meditators.

What can you expect from this first class? I took my first meditation class almost 4 years ago and wasn’t sure what to expect. So I will briefly tell you the following. Your first class will allow you to relax. You may even find at the end of the class that you feel very happy and possibly even a little blissful. Will this intro class break any “bad habits”? Will it instill in you some “super powers”? Chances are no. However, this will hopefully allow you to take the first step towards changing your life for the better. As Puntsok said in one of his classes, ‘once you start this process, you will never be the same again’.

Personally speaking, meditation has changed my life and made me a much better person. I am so grateful to have learned meditation with Puntsok. If you attend our Intro class, I applaud you for taking a step that will ultimately make you a better person.

Have a wonderful experience and please feel free to invite friends and family to visit us.

Warmest wishes,
Dan Globus
Director of The Compassion Center

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