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Substance Abuse, Anger and How Meditation Helps

For anyone battling substance abuse, there is a negative emotion that has either developed or may be at the cause of the abuse. I am referring to anger. Meditation is a very effective practice that can help a person address their anger and substance abuse.

Substance Abuse and MeditationIs anger a direct result of the substance abuse or is it the cause of the substance abuse? This varies from person to person. There are those who start to consume alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, or pills on a recreational basis. These substances became the element that allows the person to go out at night and on the weekends and “party”.

Unfortunately, what many of us discover over time is that these substances also do something to us that was probably not the reason for us to start partaking in them. They medicate us and stop us from feeling the emotional and psychological pain that may have been buried in our subconscious.

Many of us are familiar with the term “self-medicating”. This is a departure from using substances to enhance our activities to using substances to “turn off the pain”. And the more we self-medicate, the more our negative emotions, including anger, start to surface and build up in intensity.

Meditation helps us to address the root of the problem(s). It allows us to start looking inward to address our issues. It rewires our brain to stop looking negatively at others and ourselves and allows us to start looking at others and ourselves with compassion.

Through a regular meditation practice, something magical happens. We start to look at our surroundings with new eyes. It is a very common experience for people who have been meditating for a few weeks or a few months to all of the sudden notice that people start to react differently towards them. You will find people smiling at you and even approaching you to engage in conversations.

It must be made clear that Meditation may not be able to help a person who is addicted to a substance. However, Meditation can be very effectively used with a recovery program to help the person in recovery to address deep rooted issues and give that person a new way to deal with life on a daily basis.

If you are dealing with a substance abuse issue, if you are in recovery, or if you know of someone who is dealing with these issues, we encourage you to visit The Compassion Center and learn to meditate. Within only a few short weeks, a noticeable difference can be achieved.

If you’re not sure whether Meditation classes are right for you, please visit us anyway and feel free to talk with us about Meditation.

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