11:05 am August 15, 2017

Corporate Meditation Programs That Produce Results

By | August 15, 2017|

Corporate Meditation Programs are becoming an integral part of well-being programs offered by organizations. Today, The Compassion Center has launched a new Corporate Meditation Program that will make it easy for organizations to sample, at a very reasonable cost, and determine if such a program brings value to the organization. “Even though TCC has offered and been teaching Meditation classes at corporations since 2016, this is the first time that we have created a program that we feel confident will bring beneficial results to any organization,’ said Dan Globus, Director of The Compassion Center. As Meditation is still so relatively new in the workplace, this program makes it easy for HR people to quickly and effortlessly deploy a Meditation program and then evaluate how the program bolsters the organizations efforts.

9:03 pm October 8, 2016

Meditation Instructor Available for Corporate & Private Meditation Classes

By | October 8, 2016|

If you are seeking a corporate Meditation teacher, a private Meditation teacher, or someone to establish an alternative healthcare center that offers Meditation, Yoga and other holistic practices, we have a very experienced professional to meet your needs. We offer corporate and institutional Meditation classes, private Meditation classes and have the experience to establish a division or new alternative practice in NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn or Staten Island), New Jersey and upstate New York.

8:27 pm October 4, 2016

Certified Meditation Teacher Evaluation Check List

By | October 4, 2016|

If your corporation is seeking a qualified Meditation teacher to provide corporate meditation classes, what criteria should you use to evaluate applicants? Do you start by looking for people that are "Certified Meditation Teachers"? Stating that someone is "certified" would lead most to believe that this person is qualified to do whatever they were trained to do. However, when it comes to someone stating that they are a "certified meditation teacher", I would recommend that you understand exactly what this means before hiring them.

6:58 pm September 27, 2016

Best Yoga Teachers on Staten Island

By | September 27, 2016|

Where are the best Yoga teachers on Staten Island located? I am very happy to say at The Compassion Center! We have been extremely fortunate in finding four of the teachers that are truly loved on Staten Island. These four teachers are Clarissa Alliano, Drema Lindie, Sal Cialino and Mary Mulrooney Cottingham. As someone who has been observing these teachers and spoken with many of the people that have taken Yoga classes in Staten Island at The Compassion Center, I would like to share my thoughts on why these are the best Yoga teachers on Staten Island.

11:47 pm March 12, 2016

Meditation for Anxiety, Learn How to Eliminate This Condition

By | March 12, 2016|

Does Meditation help with anxiety? The answer is Yes! Meditation for anxiety is a very effective practice. Meditation can be used to help people that are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and the long-term effects of anxiety. Once a Meditation practice is started, most people can start to feel a decrease in their anxiety levels within anywhere from a one to four weeks.

8:58 pm February 21, 2016

Full Moon Meditation February 22

By | February 21, 2016|

The Compassion Center will host a Full Moon Meditation on Monday, February 22 from 7:45-9:00pm. We will harness the power and luminosity of the full moon to crate a very powerful experience. This will be the first full moon Meditation since The Compassion Center opened, so we have something very special planned. But I won't tell you what it is. You'll simply have to show up for Meditation class and experience this for yourself.